Saturday, 5 May 2012

A Great Free Tool for Building Online Dashboards

It’s a very common problem – you have developed a number of very useful excel charts and dashboards and now you need to publish and share them on the web. There are lots of excel add-ins and add-ons - I have tried them all - the problem is most will either be very expensive or will disappoint you either in terms of functionality they offer or how nicely they present your data.

A nice simple and robust solution is Zoho Reports from the family of Zoho products which allows you to import excel sheets and databases, create charts and dashboards and export them at a single click to a hosted web page which can be password protected. ZR starts at $35 per month but is totally free for up to 2 users, 5 reporting databases and 100,000 rows in your accountFor more info check out the ZR FAQ Page.

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