Friday, 1 June 2012

Balanced Scorecard apps now available for ipads and androids

I am reviewing two very interesting apps for creating balanced scorecards for tablet computers.

First we have BsC-I which offers both a free (lite) and paid versions of the Balanced Scorecard for the ipad (one forbusiness, one for not-for-profits and one for HR). All of these are $25 whichis great value. They also offer an excel based product in the same price range. Then we have Bsc Designer which runs on android tablets, is free and describes itself as "feature-rich Balanced Scorecard software for creating, managing and sharing Balanced Scorecards using your Android smart-phone or tablet".

Obviously with products in this price bracket you won't get full balanced scorecard functionality and you have to live somewhat within pre-defined templates however I believe this will more than suffice for those organisations considering  scorecards and wanting an easy and low cost way to get started.  Watch this space!

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