Friday, 8 June 2012

The Stakeholder Collaboration Game: Optimizing Direct and Indirect Action

One of the big challenges in any type of collective action is the trade-off between using your limited resources to directly address your goals versus using some of those resources to influence key stakeholders who may in turn make the environment more or less supportive to achieving the goals. This dilemma is present in so many diverse situations we regularly find ourselves in including:

  • Major Projects and Proposals
  • Public Initiatives and Consultations
  • International Aid
  • Peace Keeping
  • Opening up new markets
  • Campaigns and Causes

The Stakeholder Collaboration Game allows you to setup scenarios involving multiple goals and multiple stakeholders and play them using different strategies. It is ideal for team sessions and workshops where you can set-up a totally personalised scenario for the game to support.

To read more about The Stakeholder Collaboration Game or  play the online demo.

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