Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The wisdom of Age from Reverend Reg Dean Britains oldest man

Reverend Reginald Dean,  Britain’s oldest man,  died a couple of days ago (Jan 6, 2012) at the ripe old age of 110.

Reg was ordained as an Anglican in 1929, served as a chaplain in India and Burma during the Second World War, and became a Congregational minister in 1952.

Reg remained very active in his early old age and in his eighties founded the highly successful Fairtrade shop in Wirksworth, and was the president of the local male voice choir, The Dalesmen.

When Reg he shared his wisdom with younger people (that’s everybody else) he suggested that as you get older there are 3 things you must “learn to try to answer”: 

1. Who am I?
2. Why am I here?
3. Where am I going ?

Reg will be sadly missed.

Read more about Reg:

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